Difference between confinement and imprisonment

Imprisonment Of Al-Gouna School for Languages’ Manager
January 16, 2019
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Child Support Conditions and Rights of Custody
February 11, 2019

Difference between confinement and imprisonment

Lawyer Mohammad Raft Lawyer of the High Appeal and the State Council Legal Consultations Drafting of licenses for real estate licenses and the State Council Security Directorate Restructuring of companies Structuring of Companies Lawyers Business Administration Arbitration of Intellectual Property Rights Real Estate and Sale Corporate Law Banks and Accounting Technologology; Media and Communications Dispute Resolution; Human Resources and Personnel Affairs Employment and Compensation Energy Transport; safe infrastructure; reinsurance and contract drafting are important issues

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. The confinement is followed by misdemeanor like:

  • unintentional injury, theft ,damage, manslaughter resulting by which two or more than two persons are died  or commercial fraud which results in harming  peoples’ health .
  • It is divided into two types : simple and with labor .The period of confinement is spent in Liman prisoners which differs from the public prisons .because they are equipped by places to work in.
  • Its penalty is from 3 to 5 years and the maximum penalty is not imposed in the case of repetition of the incident and the consequent drop of political rights repetition of the incident and the consequent drop of political rights

But In imprisonment is followed by crimes cases such as :

  • Murder or drug trafficking, which is followed by entailing the political rights.
  • It is divided into a strict prison and life imprisonment. strict prison starts from 3 to 15 years and it is called strict according the way of its system and the way they guard the prisoners but life imprisonment is a lifelong prison. Its period is spent in the public prisons. In both of them the political rights are entailed.


According to article 17 of the Penal law, it is permitted to the judge, in accordance with the case and its circumstances, to use clemency and mercy to replace the death penalty to a life imprisonment  or to replace imprisonment’s penalty  with a penalty of confinement which may  not be less than three months. However, the judge is not obliged  to use this article of law.



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