Imprisonment Of Al-Gouna School for Languages’ Manager

Companies’ Types in Egypt
October 11, 2018
Lawyer Mohammad Raft Lawyer of the High Appeal and the State Council Legal Consultations Drafting of licenses for real estate licenses and the State Council Security Directorate Restructuring of companies Structuring of Companies Lawyers Business Administration Arbitration of Intellectual Property Rights Real Estate and Sale Corporate Law Banks and Accounting Technologology; Media and Communications Dispute Resolution; Human Resources and Personnel Affairs Employment and Compensation Energy Transport; safe infrastructure; reinsurance and contract drafting are important issues
Difference between confinement and imprisonment
February 9, 2019

Imprisonment Of Al-Gouna School for Languages’ Manager


“Education raises houses have no pillars and dis-learning destroys homes of splendor and generosity.”

Education is the best way can lead us to development, ascent and creation in all of different fields. The developed nations’ pillar is the education but on the other hand the developing countries’ corruption mainly depends on illiteracy.

The educational system is regarded as prevention from corruption , it must be supervised by leaders know its value , effect and work to purify its impurities which prevents its development.  One of these leaders is law campus Egypt firm which was established under the leadership of pro/ Mohammed Raafat  who strongly defended the rights of a student according to decision No.4 for the year 1996 which was edited by decision No.129 for the year of 2008 which by a school director of Al-Gouna school for languages was convicted to be put in prison for a month.

Caring of children and their education without considering disagreements which may negatively effects their ideas, skills and creations is a national duty because they are the leaders of the future.

without learning,  there were no planes flying in the sky or the people of the earth invade the space.

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