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Welcome to Law Campus Egypt

Our law firm has been based in Egypt for nearly 20 years, working with both local and international clients. Our office provides various legal services, mainly... Moreover, we have assembled a team of skilled lawyers who are experts in every field.

At Locampus Law Firm, we are proud to be invested in our lawyers, because we believe that every lawyer plays an important role in who our firm is.

We take care of each of our lawyers, and create a comfortable atmosphere that is reflected in our service. We are proud to provide our distinguished services while adopting an innovative approach to meet our customers' requirements.

Locampos Law Firm has upheld its principles of honesty and commitment to our reputation and the trust of our clients for over 20 years. We are ready and willing to work around the clock when needed to ensure the interest of our clients. We work with our partners all over the world to provide all legal services that meet all the needs of our clients inside and outside Egypt.
With a group of partner offices in all countries of the world, we aim to achieve your goals and save your expenses and efforts.
We are always keen to provide you with a legal opinion in a manner distinguished by its efficiency and objectivity, with specialized teams of lawyers in all legal fields and partners all over the world. We are confident in our ability to meet all your legal needs. We provide high quality legal services in various fields, such as commercial, banking, real estate, tax, international operations, arbitration, documentation and translation law. We deal with clients from various sectors, such as industry, trade, services, NGOs and diplomatic bodies. We work with our partners all over the world to provide all legal services that meet all the needs of our clients inside and outside Egypt. We aim to meet our customers' requirements and save their expenses and efforts.

Locampos Law Firm provides its clients with a distinguished legal opinion in terms of competence and objectivity. We keep in mind the interest of our customers at every step, and strive to solve problems in an efficient and prompt manner. We use the latest technologies and methods to ensure the quality of our work and the confidentiality of our customers' information.

Why to choose us?

We do sincerely care and here is exactly how we do for your convenience

We're the first legal company to provide legal services to individuals, companies along with the legal advice. We exist for you. We are an entity and not just individuals striving to provide all means to achieve your goals and the success of your business.
We have a group of experienced lawyers specialized in all types of legal issues and branches of law. We took it upon ourselves to better handle your company affairs.
You can communicate with our expert's staff through the updated and quickest communication methods whether, in our head offices, branches or online just because your time is all our concern and our experience is all we have.
We work with you to expand our services and suit your needs to better serve you. Our goal is to provide you with more convenience. We've got a passionate team of lawyers with an optimistic vision to virtual lawyering.